“If the world were merely seductive,

that would be easy. If it were merely

challenging, that would be no problem.

But I arise in the morning torn between

a desire to improve the world and a

desire to enjoy the world. This makes

it hard to plan the day.”

– E.B. White

Photographer Unknown


6 comments on “Torn

  1. Reblogged this on AlleyVision and commented:
    So very, very hard to plan…

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  2. A very succinct and thought provoking thought. 🙂

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  3. Simple really, we just often make it complicated. Why can’t we do both???

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  4. The crux of every morning that I wake up to. What should I do? So very well put. Your blog takes me to greater heights of pleasure every time.

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  5. Yes, I live with that dilemma:-)

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  6. For some, getting up in the morning is the challenge.

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