In Front


“It is easy to love people

in memory; the hard thing

is to love them when they

are there in front of you.”

– John Updike

Photographer Unknown


7 comments on “In Front

  1. I totally agree with it.

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  2. So true. 😦

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  3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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  4. Yes and No ! There is a time when love is new , heady , intoxicating and you want him all the time. It is a torture to be away , you are two magnets pulling towards each other ….then you discover the boundaries . Every boundary is a reminder that you were born alone . And you did not know him from other births. Then you want to tell the world , please stop I want to get out. The world still goes around and some lucky ones have at least memories. Others remember that may be I loved….he never did!

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  5. timelesswheel

    I love this! Thank you! ☺ Only if we could just be present where we are and love the person in front of us at that moment and not think of anything else, the past or the future… it’s funny how we think more about a person when we’re with someone else than when we’re with them!

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