Quiet Confidence

Written by Lisa Reynolds

Speak up, they say. When you do no one’s

listening. We live in the era of the extrovert

where “charisma and charm” are valued over a

person’s mind. An era where people have no

problem with trying to change your personality

to the “right way.” The irony is every personality

is the right way if one is true to who they are.

Keep going my little fellow introverts, the world

is there to be took on. We can achieve anything

we want without changing. Think Rosa Parks,

think Bob Dylan, think Elvis Presley, think Yves

Saint Laurent and numerous others who paved

the way. Introverts who owned the world, who

owned the apparent extroverted world.

Photographer Unknown

7 comments on “Quiet Confidence

  1. Wonderful, I love this.

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  2. Very on spot with our World and being an artist with sensitivity. JEC

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  3. Reblogged this on culturevultureexpress and commented:
    This is my poem Quiet Confidence which was published on the Eyes + Words website:


  4. Wonderful and relatable. I love this.

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  5. lifegoeson292

    This is terrific. I like that you referenced Dylan as an introvert who took on the world.

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