Written by Jacob Ibrag

He tried to appreciate the

good, flooding out the inevitable.

Looking at her, couldn’t help wonder

when his world would crumble. Natural

deterioration. Murphy’s law was waiting.

Planning a heist to replace his heart with

deep gravity. Crawling into his insides,

taking over his memories. Destroying

everything he’s built in a instant. He

rejected it, ‘I’ll fight for that smile

till there’s nothing left of me.’

Photographer Unknown


16 comments on “Murphy

  1. Wow, so much emotion xx

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  2. Misty Siffles, MSP, CLC

    Hauntingly beautiful. I feel like I’m not grasping the entirety of what you’re relaying, simply because I’m not skilled in interpreting such.

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  3. Love this! “I’ll fight for that smile” Perfect. Reblogging, hope that’s ok with you! ~ Sheila

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  5. This really puts the scene into my head…
    Is this fiction or something that happened? Because if it’s real then I understand what happened to you and wish I knew the answers that could you.
    Heck I wish I could help myself with this.

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  6. Steven Humphreys

    Beauty is in the heart of the beholder

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  7. Heart…….gravity. Sweeet

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