Written by Jacob Ibrag

She wanted more than he

could give her. He asked her

to meet him half way. ‘Never, I

refuse to settle.’ Walking past her

peripheral, he turned back one last

time and tried to remember every

single detail of their night. Black

dress with red trim. ‘Pink lips

that I’ll never kiss again.’

Photographer Unknown

20 comments on “Settle

  1. The Eyes have it!

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  2. Aw.. she was cruel I guess.. But time and people changes..

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  4. This so happened in my life ;(

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  5. *Sigh* Sadly she was not at a point where she must realize it goes both ways. There must be some kind of compromise if a relationship is to last but perhaps that was not what she was looking for at this point in time.

    Well written poem.

    Cheers! ^_^

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  6. Simply beautiful
    And sad

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  7. Perhaps she knew exactly what she wanted and what she was worth, while he stood at the edge of the water too afraid to jump in with her. Maybe he shouldn’t have been such a coward πŸ™‚ Just another angle to consider.

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  8. Sad…i was sighing as i read the last line..but ita beautiful

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  9. I love the way you write πŸ™‚

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