Written by Jacob Ibrag

I don’t strive to be different. Those who

desperately swim against the current usually find

themselves out of breath and lack the will to break free

above the surface. Think snowflakes, short lifespans carrying

unique purpose. Each inherently obsolete and exclusive. No

identity crisis, no contempt for each others progressions.

Rare and perfect in their imperfections. I don’t care

about being different because in the end, we

all become who we are supposed to.

Photographer Unknown

30 comments on “Exclusive

  1. Just love this and agree completely!

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  2. Uniqueness is perfection!!

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  3. So true, in the end we all become what we are supposed to be! Beautifully written.

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  5. Ibrahim Abdullah

    This is awesome! ❤

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  6. As someone who has wasted much energy trying to swim upstream in the hopes of “being who I am supposed to be” I realize I do have a choice and can let go and allow. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. TheOriginalPhoenix

    If you’re truly unique, you don’t have to try to be unique. It just flows. And you shouldn’t try to be something you’re not because, as you said, it’s a weary upstream battle that goes nowhere at all.

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  8. So wise and yet so modern in language and vibe. I loved everything about this. It’s like talking to a kind of guru who is tired of bull**** but can still be counted on to raise their glass for a toast. If that makes sense. Hehe.

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  9. Eloquently versed, simple in it’s beauty and truth. yet inspirational and uplifting. Thank you!

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  11. Just let nature take its course, in shaping us into who we are, and stop battling ourselves on whether if it’s nature OR nurture, that’ll surely, make life a hell of a lot easier, that’s for certain!!!

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  12. Great post! We are, of course, all different. Even identical twins are each unique. It is the wonder of the human condition.

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  13. Trying to BE vs. BEING who you are is the journey of living. Well written reflection.

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  14. I love being different, thanks for the text! 🙂

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