Last Time


“Why didn’t

I learn to treat

everything like it

was the last time.

My greatest regret

was how much I

believed in the


– Jonathan Safran Foer

Photographer Unknown

9 comments on “Last Time

  1. TheLittleTui

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  2. One of those wonderful, short poems that always leaves me wanting more, intrigued with the mystery.

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  3. I remember the sand between my toes / remember the first light invading the beach / remember the cold salty water / licking at my ankles, fingertips touching / remember your lips on mine / funny how seeing you – maybe – the last time / makes those first times so preciously vivid / treasured, under my veins, not zombified…

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  5. It’s so true…we always let our present slip through our fingers while borrowing time for future..😃

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  6. I love poems like this because everyone can make personal connections, no matter who they are.

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  7. This is brilliant!

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  8. I emailed this to myself as a protocol for my life!

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