Written by Jacob Ibrag

Abandoned in the mundane with

the rest of upside down society, he was

educated to wash away any trace of identity.

Try as they might, I remember his face. He’s the

same strange human from when we were kids. He

can’t see that now, but I’ll help him get there. ‘The

path towards yesterday is painted with a name.

I can only show you the first letter, you’ll

have to keep going to find the rest.’

Photographer Unknown

23 comments on “Name

  1. Truly wicked!
    Great work.

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  2. mahbuttitches

    This is intriguing. You’ve changed perspective.

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  3. Intensely beautifully written!


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  4. This is a great piece

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  5. Great piece, great photo too!

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  6. Lovely composition!

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