Can’t Escape


“The problem with people that ignore

people they dislike is they can’t ignore them. Anger

carries a person in your mind forever, whether you choose

to speak to them or not. Therefore, don’t mistake prosperity or

accomplishments as resolution. You can’t escape what you

will not deal with. The day you can stand in the room

with someone and not be affected is the

day you truly moved on.”

– Shannon L. Alder

Photography by BenoitPaille

8 comments on “Can’t Escape

  1. Do we ever truly move on?

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  2. It’s so difficult…

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  3. That last sentence though ✨ gold ✨

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  4. It takes two to resolve a conflict. You can not do it alone. Both have to move on. We can not shake hands with clenched fists as Mrs Indira Gandhi famously said.

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  5. True. Nice read. Please also read my similar blog on Ignore at http://fireinyoursoul.com/2017/06/01/ignore/

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  6. I love what you said, I write poetry but I was so wrapped up in what was going on in my life, so wrapped up with this anger- something totally foreign to me- I have never believed in holding grudges or holding onto anger but this thing I am going through allowed me to lose site of that.. when I read what you wrote (which was so perfectly worded) it snapped me back to reality and made me face the fact I had become complacent with this anger that was only hurting me, so thank you for your beautiful words!

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