Words have immense power and when used responsibly,

they can help shape the world in hopes to make a better tomorrow.

Let’s come together and share a story or two.

Please feel free to share your original poetry/stories

and we will gladly post them on our website,

full credit will be given.

Email us: EyesPlusWords@gmail.com

This Experience Is Moderated By Jacob Ibrag


298 comments on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by to check out some of my poems! I enjoyed visiting your site.

    In hopes of a better tomorrow,


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  2. Thank you so much for checking out my page! I love your site and would love for you to post one of my pieces!:)



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  3. Stephen Landis

    Nice blog, thanks for the like

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  4. Words are immensely powerful when knitted together in the way you do. Love your writing.

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  5. I would love to have a conversation with the administration of this site. Where should I e-mail you at to initiate a semi-professional communication about poetry?
    I love your work

    Thanks for the likes! 🙂

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  6. Eyes+words, I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you choose to accept the nomination please go to my blog for more information. Even if you don’t choose to accept, your blog is still awesome! Keep it up!

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  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking one of my poems. This blog has been a wonderful inspiration to me.

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  8. This is great!! I just found your blog by random and i think it is so cool! i love to write things! i am starting my blog, so i will share some things there.. hope to see you there too!! i will check out yours.. it looks great! creating an space for people who love poetry and reading.. NICE NICE!

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  9. Thank you very much for visiting my new site and liking by latest blog post. Very much appreciated. I love what you’ve done with this site here. Great layout, and wonderful content. Plenty of content here to engage my brain (I like it!). Thanks

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  10. Ilse Watson

    Thanks for all the likes on my poems. As an adult, I’ve never written poems. I only started trying my hand at them since last year October. Lovely poems here.

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  11. Thank you so much for liking my writing. I’m In awe at just how amazing your poetry is thank you so much 🙂

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  12. Thank You for the “Like” on my Poem.

    Hope you will visit again!

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  13. Thank you for the like on my poem. Really appreciate it. Hope to see you again.

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  14. Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. One of the things I find so amazing, and humbling, at the same time, is the exceptional quality of so much of the serious writing available on WordPress. I marvel at the unique and insightful nature of your writing!! As much as I enjoy writing my own work, it is reading the works of all the amazing authors here that truly makes it special. Be well!!

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  15. Thank you for checking out my site! And liking one of my pieces. I absolutely love you site as well as your beautifully written piece thank you so much for sharing. Thank you!

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  16. Dear Friend,
    I also believe that words are energy, power and if you can channelize your power, then results are beyond our imagination.
    Thanks for a stopover and liking my work, and because your act, I am introduced to your blog. your work is really authentic, genuine and honest expression of your feelings. Keep writing and enriching blogging community with your work.

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  17. Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m glad you did, as I’m enjoying some great writing on this one. Any guidelines for contributing to this site?

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  18. Thank you for stopping by my site and liking a post! I think this would be a great place for me to send some things in the future. Look forward to working with you in the future!

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  19. Words do carry great power. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I’d love to contribute

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  20. Thank you so much for liking my work! would love to share some with you sometime. Also, I love the community you’ve created here! It’s so great that we can share and showcase our work.

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  21. Changing the world for the better with the immense power of words is just what i ought to accomplish. Thank you on liking my words 🙂

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