Written By Jacob Ibrag

The walls kept changing, directions from others rendered

useless. Try to beat the system, the system adapted and destroyed

you. To settle meant to stay stagnant. To stay stagnant meant to die.

It was no wonder that a shovel was paired up with each wall we passed. If

the walls could talk, I wonder what they would say. I don’t hear a thing, yet

they mock me at every opportunity. It wasn’t all bad, each hall carried riches

which varied in food and treasure. So much of it laid out to waste that it was

simply worthless. Every now and then, I wondered if it was alright to just stay

in one place even if it meant giving up on the future. I had everything I needed

to live, food that wall kept replenishing and clothing a king could wear. Instant

gratification crept into my insides and didn’t want to flee. But, what kind of

life would that be? No, stand up. Keep going. Keep trying. Get out of my mind

and strive! Open your frightened eyes and allow the sun to penetrate routine.

 I won’t allow the system to destroy my visions, I won’t enjoy a thing until I

have earned it. As these walls change, I will grow with them. Gratification

galore no more. ‘Hey Chris, are you ready? Rehab starts in

several  minutes.’ Yea, I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Artist Unknown

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