Written by Jacob Ibrag

It’s kinda crazy, how full circle life brings us.

You don’t expect, it just happens without you noticing.

Things that you walked away from or tried avoiding your

whole life suddenly start reappearing. Only when it’s all out

of mind and out of sight,  that’s when it comes back. This time

though, it’s different. You let that feeling in, it’s just so familiar

and yet so new. You close your eyes and let destiny catch you.

You’ll fall again. This time though, you’ll see it coming.

Whispers of the past find shelter in the crevices of our minds,

yet we don’t really care to notice. It’s okay, it’s fine. It’ll hurt

again like last time. You miss that though. You laugh a

little and open the door to her. Hello inevitability.

What took you so long?

Artist Unknown


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