Hello Goodbye

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Goodbye Destiny, hello Yesterday. Back then

we were kings and queens. Dreams were slain, visions

were blurred. No one cared about consequences and feelings.

We all stood tall, never fading. The days seemed longer then,

routine was considered a sin. Right from wrong, no one cared at all.

Laughter, roars of stagnancy. We weren’t going anywhere fast, but

we had each other. Eyes stared at one another, talking was for the

common. We felt each others will, we shared one beating heart.

Back then, that’s all that mattered. Back then, destiny looked up to

us. What will it be like when I see them again? It’s been thirteen

years. Completely unrecognizable. Nothing stayed the same.

Our love surely faded away. Destiny kept knocking at

the door, and I was first to heed its call.

Goodbye Yesterday.

Art by Nick Gentry


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