Written by Julia Sokol

Holding on so tightly
But the sand is slipping through
Trying to believe blindly
If we act normal
We’ll be back to normal

Can we move forward
Without dealing with the past?
It’s way too inconvenient

Hey, here’s a thought
Let’s just be naive
Selective memory
Won’t you join me?
Let’s make a pact
We won’t look back
A pinky promise with a kiss
It’s too tempting to resist

What’s the use in feeling… dealing…
It’s way too inconvenient

Come, just climb into the bed
We’ll take our familiar shape
Start out playing pretend
And eventually this will mend

Maturity is over-rated
Let’s make this our little secret
Cause it’s just way too inconvenient

We’ll bend to fit
If we both commit
We just might get away with it

We can do this…

Artist Unknown

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