Written by Jacob Ibrag

User loading. This was such a bad idea,

we’ve never even met. Two months in though,

I have to see if this is real. Shit, what if she has a dick?!

This was a bad idea. Why isn’t this program closing?

X, X, X! This was for sure a catfish situation. Losing my

mind on my on manifestation. Screw you Yaniv Schulman.

Fears of petrification on sight of a possible erection. And here

I am. Stupid window won’t leave me be. Three, Two, One.

He’s a she. Relief, you look just like you r picture. Nothing else

matters and I’m glad I was patient for this. No regrets, just

you and me. Her smile disappears, yea I’ve put on a few. Yea

I’ve gone a little bald, don’t be afraid. Now you’re screaming

at me, screaming catfish. Drama queen. Here I am again,

black screen in my face at four in the morning.

I hate you Yaniv Schulman.

Art by Nigel Tomm

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