Written by Jacob Ibrag

She saw past the façade this man presented her. His smile

disguised the truth. Line after line he denied the marinating reality.

She knew everything though. Her eyes reached the far lengths of the

universe. It was just a matter of time, just a matter of when until he slipped

up and got messy. The truth is always messy, it starts to give off a stench that

the olfactory system thrives on. He tapped his feet away, the empty noise

swallowed him whole. He saw the fire in her eyes and wanted nothing to do

with it. Finally the car halted near her apartment. She knew what was coming.

It was sharper than a dagger. He opened the passenger door and walked her

to the house. His eyes averted her disappointment, he couldn’t hold it in any

longer. As she reached for the door knob, she asked him if there was anything

he wanted to tell her. This was a way out. No, he nodded his head. She opened

the door and walked into the dark void. This was it. Clenched fists. Annoyed.

The lights came on and the room came alive. Surprise! It was everyone from

her past and present. She shifted her attention towards his eyes,

‘you know I hate surprises.’ Happy Birthday.

Artist Unknown

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