Written by Jacob Ibrag

Watch me try to hide, Watch me try to fly. Still on

your radar. Still going low, trying to fade. Trying slay the

fear of hate. It’s been a while since then. We know better,

we’ve avoided the sin. No more pretend. Sometimes, I catch

myself staring at the  corners of the mirror in front me.

Maybe you’re doing same. I close my eyes, walk through

portal in the mirror. You’re right there, smiling back at me.

It’s the only place we coexist. No changing or shifting, we

stay the same. Exactly the way we want to see each other.

Perfection. Isn’t that what caught us off guard. Said

we’d grow together, yet we grew farther apart. Biology

doesn’t stay stagnant for anyone, not even us. Especially

us. Love formed another room. It was darker, had paths.

So we split at the fork. We were done. Perfection is a

fable and it outlasted us. We are done. Check

please. Keep that portal open. I’m done.

Artist Unknown


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