What Used To Be

Written by Jacob Ibrag

He walked past the same park on the way to work and back

every day for the past fifteen years. Lots has changed since then.

The park was now a desolate memory. There hasn’t been a soul seen

on the basketball court for the longest time.  Sweat used to be a trophy

that you had to earn here. Happiness was measured by the amount of filth

and dirt you acquired between your nails. It wasn’t like that anymore. As

the years went on, technology’s stronghold on us became a reality. Applications

on phones took the place of our minds. Mental growth was halted by swiping

left or right. Just the other day he read that divorce rates were going down. Love

conquers all in the end, right? Wrong. Love took a backseat, no time for that.

Marriage was only between the person and their cell phone carrier. It’s all about

getting the perfect angle and lighting on that thirteenth selfie that Instagram

thirsts for. If you don’t get that twentieth like on your photo, it’s been a waste

of a day. Instant gratification perverted the nation. He wasn’t immune to any

of it. We were all part of the herd and the  system was our Sheppard. With

hope fading from his mind, something special caught his  eye. It was a

group of kids at the park playing a game of Frisbee. Technology

was finally paying off, because the frisbee was a broken down

IPhone. Faith in humanity  partially restored.

Artist Unknown


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