I’m With You

Written by Jacob Ibrag

The tide is too much now. It’s about to take over.

It’s about to destroy us. Just look into my mind, I’m

calmer than the ocean. Out there, do you see it? The

last vessel remains, it’s yours. Take it. Wipe away your

tears, look into the horizon. Don’t you dare look back.

I’m with you, in your mind and your blood. Breathe

and pump my memory into your heart. You’re almost

there now. Reach for your tomorrow. Live for the both

of us. Before I go, I want you to be the last thing I see.

I can taste your tears in the sea. You rush back into my

direction. Gone. My body going deeper and deeper.

 I stare at the ship above and smile. Eyes closed.

“I’ll see you in another life, when we’re both cats.”

Painting by AquaSixio


4 comments on “I’m With You

  1. Wow…very nice

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