Written by Jacob Ibrag

Just another day. Routine. Tedious. Necessary.

Surprises, limited. Control is fleeting elsewhere, yet

it’s in my possession. Every single second accounted

for. The calm. Day’s end. Smooth sailing. Then why this

uneasy feeling? Phone rings. Unexpected. It’s the boss.

She needs to see me. At a loss. Mind coils at the thought

of possibility. Stomach clenching uncontrollably. Elevator

is taking forever. Red door. There she is, looking out the

window. Arms folded. Skyline. I can’t feel my toes. Numb.

Going blind. She turns to me and sits. Faceless. Try to

read her mind. Failure. It’s over. ‘Exceptional.

Promotion. Congrats.’ Heart attack.

Art by Alex Cherry


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