Written by Jacob Ibrag

She avoids his eyes. It’s a trap and once she’s caught,

it’ll be near impossible to escape. Escape? Never crossed

her mind. She wants this right now. To be right by his side.

Stay strong. Reject it. He slowly brushes your cheek with his

hand, trying to lift your spirit. He whispers how the eyes are

the windows to a person’s soul. You’re afraid to bare it all.

Flustered, you know what this truly is. He just wants to be

friends. It’s not fair. Why do you tease me? Why do you

dangle the string of possibility? Stay in control. It’s useless,

you’ve been captured. It’s a mistake, but it feels so right.

‘I won’t be sleeping tonight.’ Everlasting? Never

lasting. Just friends. Prisoner of desire.

Painting by agnes-cecile


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