Written by Jacob Ibrag

She tugged my arm and asked me if I was going to

stay for a bit longer. The morning is just around the corner,

waiting for me. I shook no and got up from the couch. She was

upset, I couldn’t acknowledge it though. I can’t. The moment her

eyes grab a hold of mine, I’ll melt right into her hands. I approached

the door with my baseball hat covering half my face. She ran and

hugged me with every fiber of her being. Don’t go yet she whispered.

She got on one knee and started to speak. I stopped her and told her

this isn’t the time or place. She laughed and responded that my shoes

are untied and to get my mind out of the skies. When the time comes,

our stares will meet and my body will never leave yours. She kissed

me and placed her ear on my chest. It races on only for her.

“I’ll see you later tonight, when I close my eyes.”

Painting by  agnes-cecile


7 comments on “Stay

  1. that painting is amazing 😀


  2. This is very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. to get my mind out of the skies….

    Liked by 1 person

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