Written by Jacob Ibrag

This all could be real, I gotta keep going. Stopping and staring

into the sun keeps those retinas burning. I feel it now, just so close.

Just a few more seconds and I’m going to explode. I’ll take you all with

me into my reconstructed mind. You’ll find the directions into permanent

 pleasure which only I can provide. I’m thinking faster than my thoughts

come out. They told me to slow down, no way no how. Won’t ever stop,

 only God can halt it. Progress is beautiful, come with me or falter. The sky

keeps falling, stay under my umbrella. I’ll take you to the promise land, I hate

 empty promises. I’m legit, keep listening, lend me your ears, all other noise is

irrelevant. I’ll never steer you wrong, no politician. Gas prices keep going up,

I’ll remain consistent. Explosion, reincarnation. You’ve got new eyes, you

finally see what I see. Draw me a picture of your new reality. Watch

your step. Hold my hand, we’re elevating.

Art by xetobyte

5 comments on “Elevating

  1. I’m thinking faster than my

    thoughts come out.

    Liked by 1 person

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