Written by Jacob Ibrag

Wake up. Do you remember? Denial. It’s all an illusion.

The girl is a figment of your imagination. Your name. You

don’t know anything. Check your license. What do you see?

It’s your face, yet that name is curious. You’ve never heard of

it. None of this is ringing a bell. Your heart is beating irregularly,

calm down. Keep your nerves in check. Look around. Pictures

plastered throughout. It’s your face, reoccurring. Headaches

resurfacing. The sleeping girl is there as well. Wake her up.

Shake her a bit. As your eyes lock, paralysis takes over. Ask.

‘Who am I.’ She smiles and whispers, ‘it doesn’t matter

anymore, your mind is lost along with mine.’ You

remember. Last night. Crash. Coma.

Art by xetobyte


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