Written by Jacob Ibrag

Not an inkling of my vessel cares about  you. We coexist, consuming

the same air. That’s the extent of our relationship. We’d see each other in

reunions, painting on fake smiles, hellos and goodbyes. Last night, you

wandered into my dream. Uninvited. Your eyes took over and I was trapped

in those dimples. Did you always have those? You walked closer to me and

asked why I’ve always avoided conversation. ‘I don’t know,’ I replied. Lies.

It’s the way you carry yourself. Brighter than the morning sun. Overwhelming.

I woke up frustrated, forever wanting a few more minutes to be in

your presence. Till next year, or next second. Facebook

notification. Friend request pending. Accept.

Artist Unknown

2 comments on “Accept

  1. anitalubesh

    I would have enjoyed that more had you left it pending/open, leaving it up to us or leave us hanging. But, it is your poem lol. Nice write!

    Liked by 1 person

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