You Do This Thing

Written by Jacob Ibrag

I have more than I’ll ever need, the respect of many

and riches that dwarf that of royalty. I’ve always believed

that dependence was for the weak and I’ve worked hard to

excel beyond those boundaries. Because of you, it’s all for

nothing. My lungs feel numb when you say my name. I feel

insecure, like I actually care about what you think of me,

because I do. It’s ludicrous, but I do. You do this thing

were you’ll ask me a question and genuinely be interested

 in what I’m thinking. You make me feel human. Along the

 way of knowing you, the cage around my heart must have

 melted because your holding on to it. And I trust

 you. I feel safe and a little scared. I’ve never

been in love, I bet this is it.

Photographer Unknown


10 comments on “You Do This Thing

  1. you can’t know if your human heart is in love
    until it breaks


    • Eyes + Words

      You’re right, at first its hard to picture your heart beating on without the other person next to you. Then it does and you wonder if any of it was real. ‘Couldn’t have been love because here I am, functioning.’ Realizing that you loved to love. It felt real at the time, the idea and it’s miracle. Hearts break, its those that mend together, they know what love truly is.


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  3. Yup, this sounds like! Great poem. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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