The Beginning

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Wind blows your hair back as you glide through the sky.

With each passing cloud, you feel moisture collecting

on different parts of your skin and within seconds the cold

air adopts your body as you  begin to shiver. Almost

completely naked, you could have sworn you were wearing

a jacket and pants. You stop mid air, realizing that you’re

hovering in the middle of  nowhere. The ocean calls your

name, begging for you to give up and drown in it. With

pressure building within your lungs and panic setting in

your mind, you take flight once again. After awhile you lose

all feeling in your legs and hands. And you want to keep

going, but you can’t. Slowly losing altitude, yet refusing

to give in. Your toes graze the water and you begin to fade.

Closing your eyes, descending into the ice cold ocean grave.

Then you begin to feel again, accept it isn’t water below

your feet but solid steel. You open your eyes and find

yourself  facing an elevator and a poor image of your

reflection. You rub your eyes, thinking you’ve gone crazy

because the walls are missing and the solar system

is in its place. This has to be a dream, you think. Maybe

you died, so you pinch your skin to test the theory.

‘How is this happening?’ The elevator arrives but the

doors  stay closed as a voice starts to play, ‘welcome to

the beginning, are you ready to come in?’

Art by WojtekFus

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