The Knell

Written by Tine Perlas
like the songs
of Persephone,
always, you are.
Amidst the grayness–
of a life in distortion.
You are plain,
naked, lucid.
always, you are.

The threshold
bears your form.
The collars of
Cerberus, firm–
in your muted hand.
Glowing afire, pulling,
calm and endearing,
you are yearning me.
always, you are.

I turn away,
fallen, and then
you serenade.
The solemn
ravens fly bold–
as the lyres
of Hades call.
The art of beckoning
takes its toll.
always, you are.

With every
wind’s gush,
the rusted
bell pounds–
the knell’s
hypnotic sound.
I am always feigning.
but you are there,
very clear,
very near,
and then–
eternal comfort
is never feigned.

Artist Unknown

2 comments on “The Knell

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  2. I love this poem. I especially love mythology and I use a lot in my poetry. I’m very pleased to have found another with a knowledge of and love of mythology. Beautiful. Jx

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