Written by Jacob Ibrag

Shia Labeof has been following me

since yesterday. Clapping every second

since we’ve connected. At first I was

alright with it, but he kept going.


Scratching my insides with this

barrage of harassment.  His face ever so

still as he unites his palms repeatedly

over my head as I try to go to bed.

I am frustration personified, slipping

through sanity’s slope and into

Hades scorching hell.


I don’t drink, yet I’m wasted. I’ve

gone mad. Jolting from my pillow, I

grab Shia by the neck and scream till

my larynx gives out. Spearing him

through the window as I wave goodbye.

Shia leaves forever composed, clapping

till the inevitable splat. Except he isn’t

bleeding forty stories below my feet, he’s

somehow standing next to me.

‘Can’t leave,’

he’s whispers,

‘you’re my



Artist Unknown

Here’s To You Shia Labeouf

13 comments on “Shia

  1. Absolutely delicious.

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  2. Hilariously twisted. Kinda like Shia.

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  3. This is so weirdly funny and great at the same time Jacob! ^_^

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  4. thanks for the response -you have a great site – refreshing
    all the best to you

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  5. So many great pictures, Amazing!

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