Written by Jacob Ibrag

It’s like a hot stove, that’s what love is.

You woke me at three in the morning

and asked me. Which by the way, please

never do that again. That’s my answer

though, it’s a scorching lava like stove.

We’re taught as young kids to never put

our hands on it while its live. Most of us

stay away, the thought alone of getting

hurt is enough to move along. The brave

and naive block out the noise and go for it.

And then it happens. We touch the stove

for a mere second. That excitement before

the action, the anticipation, the sheer

imagination of the light at the end of the

tunnel. We’ve all imagined how deep the

rabbit hole of pleasure could be, but this

was totally unexpected. Your whole body

aches because the experience leaves you

 with an orgy of taste.

That really fucking 

hurt,  and I don’t think

I’ll ever do that again.

You know what though, you’re glad you

found out first hand. Pun fully intended.

You felt alive when you first touched

those boiling halos. But then your cerebral

cortex had to mess it all up and remind you

that all of this had a price. There’s a nano

second of a moment during the experience

when you realize, none of this will really last.

As soon as you take your hand off, it’s all over.

There probably won’t be a next time because

you know better. Still, you’ll never forget the

feeling of being in sync with that stove. You

both shared an amazing energy, you were

infinite. Love is a hot stove, except that you

hope it lasts a little longer. Give it all to me,

fire and pleasure. Hopefully it’s that one time

though, please let it last. Because after that,

nothing will ever be the same.

Photo Taken By Alexander Kesselaar


2 comments on “Infinite

  1. “Which by the way, please never do that again.” So much going on in this that I love…

    Liked by 1 person

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