Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’m addicted to the glow on my phone I get when there’s a

pending notification. Wasn’t always like this. Go back to the

dial up days when a phone was a phone and a camera only took

pictures. Wish I knew when it happened. When did we throw away

control and entangle within these wireless chains of conformity?

When did we shut the warmth of the sun out of our lives and instead

search for it on google images? Backs arched over Apples and Galaxies

as we think of better ways to stay within social relevancy. Delete the

last post, didn’t get enough attention. Drunk on instant gratification

as we await for the next shot coming in the form of another pending

notification. Stare with me, count down the seconds until-

Photographer Unknown


20 comments on “Pending


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  2. Wait for it..and ping

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  3. “Backs arched over Apples and Galaxies” – great imagery – i can envisage what i see every day, people cannot seem to ‘exist’ without their bloody phones! and then there’s the other image… of people hunched over a stack of green fragrant apples, or giants, huddled over our planets and stars! amazing!

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  4. This is a great reflection of our society today

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  5. Wow! This is great!

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  6. Jacob, so powerful! It’s so good! 🙂

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  7. meineDwenie

    Very realistic :))

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