Written by Jacob Ibrag



is  to lose one’s mind,

that is unless love is involved.

Mind forever altered,

 yet the heart will

break it’s


Artist Unknown

18 comments on “Mind

  1. this is lovely…I wonder if they meant the shape to resemble a top, madly spinning

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  2. Colors of Sky

    Amazing lines with amazing pic

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  3. Colors of Sky

    İ totally aggreed.but if u see broken eyes… And cry ? Then .. What would u say about those eyes…. Words will dicorve it …?? Ha

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  4. Colors of Sky

    Am talking so idiotic do not mind. To night he was said -let us be friend. We have no future.- so my mind is beautiful . because of cry

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  5. Reblogged this on Rytha Ephua and commented:
    Love It.


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