Written by Jacob Ibrag

They’ll imagine themselves

in my plastic skin. ‘Wish I was

flawless and had it all like that

mannequin queen.’ Whispering

under their breath that they’d do

anything to stay on the side of

fashion relevancy. Grazing their

 eyes all over my embellished body

while walking away with false highs

implemented by the advertising

industry. I’m everything they’ll

never come close to reaching, as

I am designed to being a changing

chameleon. I am the star in the

sky you wish upon and try to

touch when no one else is looking.

Except I see it all, watching as

your pupils dilate and mind get

flooded by calculated subliminal

distraction. Wish I could move

these perfect plastic lips and

share my dirty little secrets.

Photographer Unknown


10 comments on “Mannequin

  1. Love this, especially the last line! 😊😌

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  2. Very meaningful. I love it! 🙂

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  3. Great piece. I have encountered many people who are more like mannequin than a real mannequin. Sometimes I envy their ignorance…..but only sometimes. 😉

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  4. sruthihamsini


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  5. Looking inside from without or outside from within; perspective from which side of the glass.

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