Written by Jacob Ibrag

She kept staring at him as they drove through the neighborhood trying

to find any spot available. ‘I want you,’ she whispered as she inched her

 fingers closer to his leg. Driving with a little more intent, he whisked

through the streets praying to get any opening. Didn’t even have to be big,

 he would’ve lodged his car into anything. ‘Just pull over right there,’ she

insisted. ‘By the school? But classes are still in session.’ ‘How bad do you

want me?’ If this was anyone else, he wouldn’t have even thought about

it. But this was his lifelong crush, the only girl he’s ever thought about

growing up. This was Jennifer Love Hewitt. Smiling with no regards

towards their surroundings, he asks her to go to the back and she does.

As their lips finally collided after much anticipation, a repetitive knock

captured their attention. It was a school security guard eyeing them

with anger, ready to break the window if that’s what it would’ve taken

to separate them. Rolling down the window, he asked the guard if there

was a problem. ‘Are you out of your damn minds? There are children

staring at you-‘ The guard slows down a bit, realizing that Jennifer was

in the back seat with this nobody. He hunches over to the guy and asks

him if it was actually her. ‘Yea,’ he replied with the smuggest smile that

guard has ever witnessed. The guard looks behind his back to check if

anybody was looking and tells them to take his house keys, ‘I live down

the block, can’t believe I’m doing this.’ While reaching for the key,

Jennifer starts to scream, ‘it’s ten in the morning, wake up! It’s ten in

the morning, you’re going to be late!’ Then the guard joins in, ‘What

are you still doing here, you’re going to get fired!’ Then his body starts

to feel wet, and he couldn’t breathe. Eyes closed and then opening again,

he found himself in the tub of his roommates bathroom. ‘Dude, get out

of here, you’re totally going to get canned.’ Looking at his roommate,

he begins to laugh, ‘had that dream again, can’t ever finish.’

Photographer Unknown

18 comments on “Finish

  1. Lol

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  2. Well that was unexpected lol

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  3. lolol Amazing! check out my poetry on my blog!

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  4. I was very much wondering where you were going to take that. Very different from your other material (that I have read) but I like it.

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    • Eyes + Words

      Dreams have always fascinated me. Where does the dream end and where does real life begin?


      • that’s a question I have to decline answering. My dreams in particular are strange enough that I generally end up knowing that I am dreaming. However, I know that others dream differently.

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  5. Unexpected turn of events sure. LOL!

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  6. Amazing work again!

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  7. johnlmalone

    you had me reading so it must work 🙂

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