Written by Jacob Ibrag

She laid in bed frustrated at him. The more she’d try

to unlock his mind with her heart and eyes, the more

he’d resist and push her further away into the abyss of his

psyche. ‘If he thinks he knows everything that there is to

know about anything, how can we truly grow with one

another? How can we coexist without conversation? He

lets me touch his skin at will, yet holds me an arm’s length

away from his thoughts and imagination.’ Staring at her

as she bled frustration, he walked by the bed and asked her

why she looked so pissed, ‘I refuse to be another warm

body in your collection. Give me the crux of your mind,

body and soul or I’m done with this.’

Photographer Unknown


8 comments on “Crux

  1. That poem is creating collages between body and soul in front of the abyss with condition. and That were subjected to many semiconductor and lusts.

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  2. Well written 🙂 n so true

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  3. interesting poem and pic to match

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  4. Hi Eyes+Words. Lust and lack of respect has been fuelled since the social media has exploded into our lives! Thank you very much for liking my poem “Object!” Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  5. The mind is our last fortress. Protect it.

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  6. It’s frustrating when other person doesn’t want to open up and tries to keep his thoughts aside. Have dealt with it..

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