Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’ll be your puppet, relinquishing my will to your needs.

Till there’s nothing left. Till I’m reduced to these strings,

permanently. Because that’s how you see me, right? An

extension of your limbs, contorting to the sound of your

voice. Vocalizing those fingers into my attentive bones.

Nodding my head to the beat of your needs, just tell me

when, I swear I’m listening. Tell me this is what you’ve

been craving. A yes to ever command. A bending knee.

A broken backed being. Your words of endearment slither

into my veins as I assume the little spoon and take in your

embrace. Waking for just a moment, I turn towards those

lips and whisper, ‘I’ve always been yours, even without

these strings.’ You lay dormant, holding onto my hand. I

close my eyes, forever wondering if you’ve heard a thing.

Photographer Unknown


15 comments on “Strings

  1. Beautiful & Haunting. . .Enjoyed;)

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  2. It feels strange when the strings come off.

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  3. You can still feel the ghost of them.

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  4. Whoa. This piece is so painfully beautiful. i really like it.

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  5. this is amazing, pure talent

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  6. Reblogged this on AlleyVision and commented:
    Love this artist…I want to speak, I want to sing, I want to whisper his words. Great work ❤ HA! Check out his blog and share the love. Wanna collaborate Eyes + Words? I do! I do! Pick me! lol Thanks for your work, it's inspiring to me. 🙂

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  7. gspottedpen

    Strings make a beautiful existential motif of metaphoric meaning. This is Anand Bose from Kerala.

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  8. I read an internal dialogue, here, like my talking to myself. “I” is trying to straighten out “me.”

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