Written by Jacob Ibrag

You expect me to fill the gaps within

your heart, to disregard all the hate you

have for yourself. Somewhere along the lines

of us, you became a carbon copy of our blank

walls, draped with potential yet lack of color.

There are times when glimpses of you would

seep through those still eyes and I’d cry because

it would never last longer than a few seconds.

Part of me wonders if I should just leave in

hopes that you rediscover your missing

piece, the piece that used to fill me.

Photographer Unknown



14 comments on “Gaps

  1. Wonderful poetry!

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  2. moonskittles

    I love that there is no more writing on the walls.. Great poem Jacob!

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  3. Missing piece: Whose? Subject or Object, the narrator’s or the addressee?

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    • Eyes + Words

      Both are missing pieces, and a reason could be the dependence that they’ve built after a certain time together. He’s forgotten who he used to be before the relationship had started. She believes that the person she fell in love with made the universe make sense and as he started to fade, so did her confidence.

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  4. I love the imagery in this poem – “a carbon copy of our blank walls, draped with potential yet lack of color” – what a great visual image this gave me – thanks!

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  5. You have captured a moment so well that many can relate to.

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  6. Life’s too short to wallow in the mire. Take my advice, been there done that, and I aged a decade in three years. Write On!

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