Written by Jacob Ibrag

The illusion thaws as the truth

kicks you in the head, and it hurts.

It’s painful and raw. You imagine

that this is what open heart surgery

must feel like without the procaine.

The knife slowly consuming your

skin as it makes its way across your

chest. And you restrain yourself,

bearing the pain because for the

first time in this relationship, you

know exactly where your place is.

Photographer Unknown


18 comments on “Raw

  1. Ok so that’s good.

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  2. mcnerneyblog

    Beautiful and love the image.

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  3. YES!!This is crazy good.

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  4. Deep.. aww man

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  5. I absolutely love this page. Every poem is meaningful and deep, matched with a picture of similar depth and significance. Wonderful!

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  6. FofoFl'or

    wow..no more words needed!

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  7. Dormis Aeternitas

    oh so you post in here. Perhaps you were unaware and perhaps it was by design but when you like someone’s post – neither link you click on for U produces anything other than ‘not found’. if you are not purposely hiding, then you may wish to change this. If it’s a specialty, and I know some who do this, then carry on as you were. Reading… yeah we know exactly where our place is – that’s why I have a phaser in one hand and a samurai sword in the other.Have a good night!~

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  8. Great piece and I love the imagery it built up in my mind x

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  9. Man, that hurt! But what a beautiful write!

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