Written by Jacob Ibrag

She wants me to jump

into the water, knowing

that I can’t swim. ‘What if

I cease to breathe?’ ‘That

won’t ever happen, I need

you to have faith in me.’

Photographer Unknown


11 comments on “Faith

  1. This is beautiful. It put into words some of the imperceptible thoughts running through my own head. Thank you for creating and sharing.

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  2. Amazing poems. I always enjoy my time spent on your website.

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  3. danielsykes716

    Faith is a fantastic titled topic. Love, beauty, friendship, empathy; and faith all create good feelings; and the simple things in life; and relax people to think good thoughts

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  4. Loved this. Brought such a smile to my face. Sigh….

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  5. It’s so short yet depicts such a long story! :’) amazing! :’)

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