Written by Jacob Ibrag

She walked a hundred miles

only to realize that life is all but

a strut. Noticing a lone cloud in

the charcoal sky, she stopped and

slowly laid on the earth. ‘Who

did you run away from? Which

bridges have you burned?’

Photographer Unknown


17 comments on “Lone

  1. nycsmile4me

    very delicately written, bravo

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  2. Thoughtful, though sad, pic reflects the melancholy.

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  3. That Random Guy


    Please review i too..
    I loved your blog.

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  4. thefeatheredsleep

    Life is all but a strut. … superb

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  5. Very thoughtful. Bridges we may have burnt unknowingly, never realizing when we were running away from them.

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  6. Refined thought..

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  7. I adore the line ‘only to realise that life is all but a strut’. It left such a beautiful image.

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    • Eyes + Words

      Thanks Carol 🙂


      • You’re very welcome.
        Would you, by an chance, be interested in guest posting in a poetry based, celebration thing I’m doing.
        From the 11th to the 30th April I’m putting up guest posts by poets about how they got into poetry, what it means to them and who inspires them.

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