Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Will we be forever?’ she asked

as the plane was boarding. He

stared into her eyes, the moment

frozen in time. It was as if he was

traveling to the future, it was as

if he already knew the conclusion.

She stood helplessly as he slowly

conjured a smile. He kissed her

earlobe and whispered, ‘we’ll be

ninety, sharing the sun on our

stoop. Our souls are married,

they were  the moment I

looked at you.”

Art by  agnes-cecile



21 comments on “Forever

  1. Wow! Beautiful… I have felt those exact words

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  2. OMG !! the art and all the words are so beautiful . It touched my heart. love this one. very nice ❤

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  3. Amazing! Touching :’)

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  4. suzieogucci

    Reblogged this on Ancient Prose.

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  5. suzieogucci

    absolutely gorgeous! you are so gifted!

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  6. timelesswheel

    Absolutely beautiful 💛

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  7. Gorgeous! sharing the sun on our stoop. ..sigh 💞

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  8. A beautiful, hopeful sentiment, nicely set.

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