Written by Jacob Ibrag

She hated everything about him. The way he talked.

The way he smelled and looked at her. Repulsive. Yet

she stayed through it all. Staring at pictures of their

kids, holding back the tears. How did it come to this?

When did it all fall apart? There used to be love, and

respect. Where there used to be her heart was now

regret. ‘Blindsided by my eyes, fooled by that smile.’

Photographer Unknown


11 comments on “Blindsided

  1. That Random Guy

    Its is nice
    Please read mine too and review
    It is must appreciated.

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  2. I am glad that so many women don’t just silently suffer for the sake of the children and because of their cultural norms like they used to.

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  3. Woaah! That was powerful

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  4. I definitely love this piece. I can relate!

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  5. anitalubesh

    I enjoyed that it was capsulated and said it all really. Nice write.

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