Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Go to sleep, we’ll meet in each

others dreams.’ I lay awake, eyes fixed

on her closing eyelids. She wants me to

surrender this view, to meet in a place

where the sky is painted green and the

grass is stained blue. A place where

nothing ever makes sense, a place where

she wouldn’t ever exist. Brushing the

hair falling on her lips behind her left

ear, I kiss her collarbone and whisper,

‘my dreams aren’t capable of translating

your existence.’ Rather befriend the

night and appreciate my hallucination.

Photographer Unknown

18 comments on “Sleep

  1. great poem and picture

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  2. trulyamorous

    Love this.. So beautiful!

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  3. Superbly written piece, and the picture complements it well

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  4. A @ moylomenterprises


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  5. Raina Petkoff

    It’s so beautifully true. Exceptional. 🙂

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  6. Hey, Got to learn a lot in a 2 minutes read. I am glad i dropped by. 🙂

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  7. Dreams ,dreams and more dreams

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  8. Morgan Monique Byers

    Superb poem 🙂

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