“We are cups, constantly

and quietly being filled.

The trick is, knowing how

to tip ourselves over and

let the beautiful stuff out.”

– Ray Bradbury

Artist Unknown


7 comments on “Filled

  1. Ray Bradbury is another one of my favorite authors! Do you have a favorite story by him?

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    • Eyes + Words

      Don’t think I do haha


      • Have you read “A Sound of Thunder”? It’s one of his short stories and if you haven’t please do! It’s one of his best I think. And when I get time I’ve been meaning to show you an assignment I had with one of Palahniuk’s quotes because I think you might be interested since you post quotes and poetry. I’ll let you know when I get the time!

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      • Eyes + Words

        I actually haven’t read it, but I’ll check it out soon. Looking forward to your assignment 🙂

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  2. This brings to mind one of my poems

    Perhaps your days are empty
    Definitely your nights….
    Are you waiting for a pair of eyes?
    You will search in the sunsets
    Or in the face of a girl child
    You count the stars in the sky
    With only half moon
    A glance of concern
    freezes in the soda of your
    fourth drink
    Ferocious loneliness
    Can not drown
    What is burnt out

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