Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Don’t want to close my eyes,’

I whisper. This could all be my

imagination, and I’d forever

regret it. Redbull and coffee

even till after I crash. Have

to stay awake even if it’s just

for a bit, and I know they say

nothing ever lasts but then

why  do I feel like I’ve found

my better half? We fit into

 each other’s arms perfectly.

 Tell me this wasn’t meant to

happen. I’d call you a liar,

but you already knew that.

Artist Unknown


12 comments on “Perfectly

  1. Just like the song “If you’re not the one’ by Daniel Bedingfield, there are instances in our lives that we’ll meet a stranger but we feel as if we’ve known them before, we feel comfortable and secure and we can”t help but ask ourselves, is this meant to be? Such serendipity!

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  2. Appreciable ♥♥

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  3. Your writing is strong in its own right. But you put such striking imagery with the words as well and the combination hits the mark.

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  4. This is beautiful! 😍

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