Written by Jacob Ibrag

He walked along the highway, hitchhiking

back to the familiar. Five years has passed since

he’s last been seen. Small towns never change, it’s

part of their identity. Change poses a threat to the

way things have always been. He had transplanted

himself into the forest beyond the walls, where the

wild things roamed. ‘You become the place you

sleep in,’ he whispered to the man driving. ‘The

heart stays the same, remembering everything.’

Artist Unknown



27 comments on “Remembering

  1. Jacob, that is beautiful, heart rendering, those memories we cherish and hate at the same time. The sense of lost and disillusionment is so raw and real. Great writing.

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  2. Fantastic, one of my favorites!

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  3. There is so much here in these few words. My take: Drawn to the forest. Thrusting back into the town. He will either be shunned or adored. I prefer the latter, he’s done his walkabout, found himself, and is returning. Aware. Fantastic story.

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  4. Urbanization is a threat ,no doubt

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  5. So atmospheric. This begs a back story.

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  6. Morgan Monique Byers


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  7. Abirami

    This is amazing!!

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  8. Abirami

    Reblogged this on The Obsessive Writer and commented:
    Some words just fall into place. A beautiful piece of writing to start your day with. Please visit their blog for more! Thank you. 🙂

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  9. beautifully expressed.

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  10. True enough evendors when things change.

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  11. This is beautiful.

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