Written by Jacob Ibrag

We take turns cascading eyes over each

others bodies. Neither making a physical

play, cautiously investigating while further

investing towards the growing tension.

Wanting more than traded stares, I give in

and walk away from my safe space. Leaving

behind the familiar, I fracture your bubble

and stand before your presence. Our minds

whisper goodbye, handing over the keys to

our sleeping hearts. ‘May I join you?’ You

contemplate for a moment and nod yes.

Photographer Unknown


16 comments on “Cascading

  1. What a great description of that tension before moving on an attraction that is obviously mutual. You hint at the sexuality without being overt which adds so much to the content which seems to convey the same message (“growing tension” “handing over the keys to our sleeping hearts”. This is an intriguing read.

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  2. Communication problem

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  3. This is great. So delicate and subtle yet the emotion, the tension is so strong

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  4. If hearts were asleep this should have been a dream ! Yes, this is “ideal” beginning….Nice thoughtful picture.

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  5. This is a dangerous post to read at 630 am haha.

    How beautifully structured, really capturing that first tension as you reach this point for the first time, that all too revealing moment where, be It physical or not, you are totally bare to the other person.

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  6. Subtle yet powerful! You captured the essence beautifully.

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