Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’m dwindling in your mind,

 seconds away from being

an afterthought. It’s the cycle of

relevance, my time is up.

 Your eyes have caught the light

of another, reach out and

capture. It’s shiny, full of surprise.

Set me aside, I’ll be on

my way tonight. Just another

used piece, waiting for

someone else to find use for me.

Art by Marc Rogoff


24 comments on “Used

  1. Feeling this one!

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  2. Tissue paper ?

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  3. This makes me sad. Why does it have to be easy come and easy go so often now? I could feel every word, lovely post 🙂

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  4. With words like that, you are certainly not dwindling in my mind.

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  5. Loved this, great as always:)

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  6. gspottedpen

    The imagery is very photographic. It’s a stimulant for the mind. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  7. anitalubesh

    Going in the first few lines were really meaty and captured that fleeting, intangible progression. The rest was just as does happen – simple, plain, brutal and not very often for me lol. Good stuff.

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  8. I loved this!
    Check out my blog when you get the chance 🙂

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