Written by Jacob Ibrag

Align the mind with the soul, controlled

collision. Follow the hearts echoes while you

can still hear them. Nothing is concrete, grow to

accept it. Avoid those that change constantly,

illusions contort willfully. They’ll try to terminate

originality, preaching uniform identity. Engage

the hills less traveled, manifest a road for others

that cling onto raw complexity. Deposit the

crux of yourself into a wrecking ball of reality,

 unleash the core upon corrupted majority.

Renaissance manifested.Transcend.

Photographer Unknown


21 comments on “Renaissance

  1. Change is essential

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  2. This. Oh I love this. However the photo is very haunting in some unrecognizable way to me. Almost scary even.

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  3. A great poem. =] Everyone should find their own path.

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  4. Loved this one!

    “Follow the hearts echoes…”


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  6. thesmilingpilgrim

    Really great writing 🙂

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  7. Morgan M Byers

    Awesome writing I enjoyed reading it

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  8. wonderful poetry and “eyes” to look within.

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  9. Beautiful verses
    Lovely words!


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  10. Beautiful words 🙂

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