To Expire

Written by Jacob Ibrag

To expire every night. What a dream,

to cease from existence. Matter married with

the universe. Flowing within everything and all life.

Time is an imagination created to measure our limitations.

In this moment its all irrelevant. Just for eight hours a day,

transcendence into endless black holes. Each morning sun

met with virgin eyes. Lungs taking in the air for the very

first time. Breathing in, breathing out. Till the

pale blue sky waves goodbye.

Photography by Berta Vicente Salas

10 comments on “To Expire

  1. You personify nature really well!!☺☺

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  2. Beautiful poem Jacob, loved the title too ! Cheers mate 🙂

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  3. Alas how sad:(

    Yet beautiful!


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  4. Sleep is best form of meditation

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  5. unknownpoetblog

    Wow. I love the fact that in the poem, humans are not described as ‘nature’ whereas we literally are nature. But at the end when the sky waves good-bye to us, we only realise just how much we are apart of this world as everything else ✌🌍

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